Grease Waste Heat Trace Systems are used to prevent the build-up of grease in pipes by maintaining a temperature sufficient to keep the gease in a liquid state. Typical designs call for a Maintain Temperature between 110 deg F and 120 deg F. Typical control methods will utilize a pipe -sensing t-stat, thermistor or RTD to monitor the pipe wall temperature, thus ensuring waste will continue to flow. Self-regulating heating cables vary their power output, can be crossed over themselves without the risk of burning out and can be cut to length in the field. Thermal Fluidics, Inc. can size the appropriate heater for your application depending on your specific criteria. We will create a complete design that will meet or exceed the design criteria and develop an accurate Bill of Materials including; Cables, Installation Accessories, and Controls. Our heat trace systems can be used in steam cleanable applications as well as hazardous area locations.
Typical Installations
Thermal Fluidics, Inc.
Grease Waste Heat Trace Systems
Specializing in the Design & Supply of Electric Heat Trace Systems
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2700 Series Self Regulating Heating Cable
Low Temperature Exposure (up to 185F)
2300 Series Self Regulating Heating Cable
Medium Temperature Exposure (up to 366F)
High Temperature Exposure (up to 450F)
2000 Series Self Regulating Heating Cable
Controllers, Microprocessor-Based
Custom Power Distribution/Control/Monitoring Panels
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