Thermal Fluidics, Inc.'s expertise in the application of heat trace is unparalleled in the industry. Our 60+ years combined experience in the design, application, testing, and troubleshooting of electrical heat trace systems allows us to provide the customer with the most efficient heat trace system at the most economical cost.


We can design a heat trace, snowmelt, or floor warming system based on your design criteria. Take-offs from drawings or field measurements performed by our staff will be used to determine the quantities required for your project Although drawings are useful in the quotation process, actual field measurements are the best way to determine an accurate BOM. Heat Trace software is used to determine heat loss, cable selection, and circuit lengths.

Field Service

Coordination, training, testing and startup are offered at no charge. We want to ensure that every project we design and supply is installed and functioning properly. Our staff can assist you by providing training on all components at your facility or jobsite location. After installation of the heaters and components, we visually inspect the installation for proper application and installation, test all circuits for potential damage to the heater and components, and program all controls. A final test is performed after the insulation is applied, concrete is poured, or floors or roofing materials are applied to make sure the heaters were not damaged in the final stages of construction. We are committed to a 100% functional system.


Thermal Fluidics, Inc. can provide installation for all of our products.

Tumkey services are available.